Saturday, March 17, 2012

Puerto Galera

You could call that a boat a "bus on the water."  It's how we, friends and I, got from a Batangas pier to Puerto Galera's whilte sandy shore.

Yea!  I think this will do.

I knew them as Carlo, Joey, Gerri, and Dante.  They knew me as Ron.

That's a fake tattoo.

  They had only "Karo" brank clear corn syrup to top that big pancake,
 but it was delicious with the instant coffee.
Besides, we're on a tropical island beach, for crying out loud!

Who didn't notice that brown hunk in the reddish shorts?

Hey, Ya wanna buy this?

A view of the room's outside up there.

 A view from the room's outside up there.

Another view from the room's outside up there.

Pick the food you want, and that guy under that little roof will roast it.

It was "off season," so there was not as much eye candy around as on a crowded night.
Still, it was a good place to enjoy a few beers, dinner, and whatever there was to see.

Puerto Galera was the first stop on a short trip through the Philippines West Visayas region. 
Gerri, Joey, and Carlo returned to Luzon.

Next stop?

Port of Roxas, Oriental Mindoro

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